This class is held in person
in Newport Beach, CA

It is easy to stand tall and strong when things are good. But when life gets stormy, our resilience is challenged.

Emotional regulation skills enable you to endure the inevitable storms of life without breaking.

Join me for a 3-hour workshop and learn the skills that will allow you to bend, not break, when:

* the kids aren’t listening
* someone triggers you, and the anger rises
* you are running late- again
* the kids are fighting
* your partner forgets a special event
* you are struggling to hold it together...

If you are finding yourself in the cycle of yelling and then feeling guilty, this is a workshop for you.

This will be a space where you can be real about your struggles, and learn effective ways to get through them without yelling at the people you love.

The best way to teach your kids to handle their big feelings is to learn to handle your own. This is the place to learn.

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